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Team Ford Credit <br/><span>Kelfords</span>

is a multisport team that has been put together to promote and support athletes competing in multisport in the Western Cape.

Team Kelfords/Ford Credit is the birth child of Tristan and Carla Kelly , although young in age and good in looks, they have had a good few years of competing on the multi sport circuit between them. The core concept of the team is to support athletes on all levels, competing in a number of disciplines on a regular basis, focusing on the “enjoy factor” of being outdoors living a healthy lifestyle (beer included) as opposed to purely racing for position. As a result the team is comprised of a wide range of athletes all of who stem from different backgrounds, with each individual bringing something special to the group.

The racing snakes of Tristan Kelly and Marsel Roos are leading the pack in terms of pace at races, often warming to the podium and sharing the positions between each other, with Matthew Blake hot on their heels. Kevin Flanagan has become more famous for his performances at the post race functions rather than on the actual course, but is still holding onto the dream of one day winning a race, even if it’s a kiddie 5km time trails. Gert Wilkins is quickly setting a record for competing in just about every race on the multi sport calendar, notching up some truly epic feats of endurance (Ironman is scared of Gert). Brett Wood is the silent one in the background, setting his sights on key races like Iron Man or 70.3 and giving Tristan a reason to worry, esp. with his SA champion swimming style. One of the teams most dedicated athletes, must be Ed van der Heever. With his endless commitment to training and racing, Ed is climbing literally and figuratively quicker than anyone on the team.

On the girls front Carla “Super C” Loureiro punishes the road bike every time she hops on and is quickly burning up the trail course of the Western Cape. Jade Gower-Jackson has developed the stamina of gazelle been chased by a hungry lion, consistently racking up solid performances. Nicci Holvec is the latest addition to the team after a blazing season on the trail running circuit, she is now tackling the tri athlon races with her infectious “have fun at all costs” attitude.

Team Kelfords/Ford Credit is more excited than a toddler on Christmas day, to be donning First Ascent gear and Salomon trail shoes as the groups continues to make their presence felt at as many events, in as many disciplines as humanly possible. 

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