Posted 23 June 2022

Safety, Comfort, Durability and a Compelling Ownership Experience are Key Drivers of Ford’s Fleet Operations

  • Numerous leading South African fleet businesses depend on vehicles that are safe, durable, and comfortable – and Ford delivers on each front
  • Netcare 911, Supercare and South African Farmers Development Association expand their fleet of Ranger, Everest and Transit vehicles
  • Treating customers like family and delivering must-have products and services is central to Ford, with customer confidence reinforced by Ford’s Customer Relationship Centre

PRETORIA, South Africa, 10 June 2022 – Ford South Africa has extended its reach into the local fleet business sector with significant recent purchases by iconic and entrepreneurial businesses including Netcare 911, Supercare and South African Farmers Development Association (SAFDA).

The latest fleet activity highlights the versatility, quality and trust that South African companies have come to expect from Ford vehicle ranges such as the Ranger, Everest and Transit, with a view to maximising efficiency, reducing downtime and optimising fleet operations at a time when budgets and running costs are under extreme pressure.

Netcare 911

Ford has been working with Netcare 911 for approximately 10 years, during which time the fleet has evolved from the Ford Focus to predominantly Ranger bakkies, and more recently, Everest sports utility vehicles (SUVs). “We recently tested the Ford Everest and were pleasantly surprised,” says Neill Visser, Regional Operations Manager at Netcare 911.

“We subsequently added eight Everests to our fleet and these will serve multiple roles for Netcare 911, including carrying medical equipment and paramedics to the scene, as well as attending to our clients’ needs. These Fords work all day, every day,” Visser says. “Over a period of 36 months, our vehicles cover between 200 000 and 250 000km.”


Ford recently delivered 13 Rangers along with one Transit to Supercare as part of its latest fleet acquisition. This builds on a relationship between Ford and Supercare that spans the last 30 years, and currently includes around 50 Fords working around the country.

For Supercare, which operates in the cleaning and hygiene industry, safety was one of the leading considerations. “We look at safety first, and we went with Ford vehicles because they come with an array of safety equipment as standard. After that we look at comfort, and with Ford you get a very comfortable driving experience. The fleet also includes some 4×4 derivatives which are used for the work we do for our clients in the mining sector,” says Anton Geyer, Regional General Manager at Supercare.

South African Farmers Development Association

The South African Farmers Development Association (SAFDA) was established to represent small and medium scale farmers, and to provide economic support thus ensuring that farming can be done sustainably and efficiently.

SAFDA has been working with Ford since 2019 and has purchased over 35 Ford vehicles to date. This includes a recent addition of 22 Single Cab and Double Cab Rangers, as well as two Everest SUVs.

The growing fleet is essential for the day-to-day functioning of the business, with the vehicles used as a means of transport or for helping farmers collect equipment and other supplies.

“We chose Ford Rangers for their durability and because they’re suited to the harsh climate conditions in South Africa,” says Mduduzi Dube, Chief Financial Officer at SAFDA. “The Rangers are robust and we’ve never experienced any defects with these vehicles. Besides that, they look very smart and are comfortable to drive over long distances. The dealership we use is also nearby and there’s a very good team there that is looking after us,” Dube concludes.

Helping to instil cohesion between all these fleet customer experiences is a dedicated Ford fleet team that gives personalised attention and service to each customer.

“At Ford, our focus is on treating all our customers and fleet partners like family while providing a distinctive range of products and services that make our customers’ lives easier. We always aim to differentiate the Ford brand from our competitors,” says Yashalan Pillay, National Fleet Sales Manager at Ford South Africa.

Ford South Africa has also implemented an automated alert system that identifies any vehicle that has been in for repairs at a Ford dealer for more than a certain number of days. “Having a vehicle off the road is a significant inconvenience for any customer. The alert system brings this to our attention and enables us to quickly and effectively assist the dealer in resolving any repair or outstanding parts issues,” Pillay says.

“This is part of our commitment to delivering an exceptional ownership experience, reinforcing our ability to not only attract new fleet business, but also to continue to look after our existing fleet customers,” Pillay says. “This results in a consistently high level of retention and renewal, particularly with large fleet operators such as Netcare 911, Supercare and the SA Farming Development Association. These are proudly South African businesses that rely on a fleet that is durable, safe and comfortable, with a proven track record in high-mileage situations and often challenging terrain.”

Original Article via Ford Dealer View