Posted 30 June 2015

Kelfords chats to Gerald Clark

Kelfords: how old were you when you first knew you wanted to be a musician?

Gerald Clark: I was 21.we played to a full house at the hidden cellar in Stellenbosch. Then i knew!!

Kelfords: what was the first song you wrote?

Gerald Clark: It was a blues song called “walk the blues down”. No more walking blues for me 🙂

Kelfords: who has been your musical inspiration?

Gerald Clark: There is too many musicians to mention…loads of bluesmen playing them truthful notes inspires me a lot!

Kelfords: what’s your favourite track on your Black Water album?

Gerald Clark:  feel so good, can’t keep from crying. It featured as the theme song for the joburg 2 sea mountain bike race on supersport 2 years back

Kelfords: how does your car fit into your lifestyle?

Gerald Clark: it takes me all over the country. For music but also for pleasure. I love them old country roads!!

Kelfords: you drive a Ford now, right? Which one?

Gerald Clark:  Ranger super cab :))

Kelfords: what’s your favourite thing about it………?

Gerald Clark: It just looks so much cooler than any other vehicle on the road..(grin)

Kelfords: could you describe your Ranger Super Cab in one word………?

Gerald Clark:  eloquence

Kelfords: is your car a boy or a girl?

Gerald Clark: definitely  a boy. A young stallion in fact

Kelfords: what colour is he?

Gerald Clark: .white

Kelfords: did you name your car?

Gerald Clark: hings

Kelfords: driving style: manual or automatic?

Gerald Clark: manual

Kelfords: are you more a luxury kinda guy, or more sporty?

Gerald Clark: sporty

Kelfords: so your Ranger is perfect for you then, isn’t it?

Gerald Clark: yes!!!

Kelfords: what is the best advice your dad gave you that you would pass on to your son?

Gerald Clark: always be honest with yourself so that you have enough courage to be honest with others.Any never drive any vehicle other than FORD 😉

Kelfords: what’s your favourite F-word?

Gerald Clark: mmmmmm…just take a wild guess!