Posted 30 November 2021

Innovative FordPass Connect System Introduced on Ford Everest and EcoSport

  • FordPass Connect now standard fitment on all Ford Everest models, and on EcoSport Trend and Titanium derivatives
  • Through the FordPass app and embedded factory-fitted modem, customers can remotely start the vehicle or schedule a start, lock or unlock the doors, check fuel level and locate their car
  • On all Ford models equipped with the SYNC® infotainment system, the FordPass app provides useful vehicle information such as current odometer reading, fuel level and distance to empty, as well as the tyre pressures on vehicles fitted with the Tyre Pressure Monitoring System
  • The FordPass app allows any Ford owner to schedule vehicle services at their preferred dealer, access 24-hour Roadside Assistance and search for Ford dealers, fuel stations and available parking

PRETORIA, South Africa, 13 October 2021 – Ford South Africa has expanded the availability of its innovative FordPass Connect system, which is now fitted as standard equipment across the Ford Everest sport utility vehicle (SUV) range, as well as on Trend and Titanium derivatives of the EcoSport compact SUV.

FordPass Connect, which incorporates an embedded factory-fitted modem in the vehicle, allows customers to access and control numerous vehicle features, information and services remotely via the FordPass app on their smartphone. It provides a unique level of connectivity that significantly enhances the overall ownership experience – whether it’s starting the car remotely to cool down the cabin on a hot summer’s day before driving, scheduling a remote start at a specific time each day for leaving work, checking that the doors are locked from anywhere in the world, or locating the vehicle in a busy parking lot.

Further vehicle information is available on the FordPass app if the vehicle is fitted with the SYNC® infotainment system, which uses Bluetooth connectivity. Owners can access useful information such as the current odometer reading, fuel level and distance to empty, as well as the tyre pressures on vehicles fitted with the Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS).

The innovative FordPass app also enables useful functionality on 2017 and later model year Ford vehicles directly from the owner’s smartphone once the vehicle identification number (VIN) is loaded. This includes accessing the vehicle’s maintenance records and scheduling a service at your preferred Ford dealer or instant dialling Ford’s 24-hour Roadside Assistance.

“We launched FordPass Connect in South Africa in February this year on the Ranger, and it has been exceptionally well received by our customers,” says Doreen Mashinini, General Manager for Marketing at Ford South Africa. “We are delighted to now expand the system to a broader range of Ford customers purchasing new Everest and EcoSport models.

“FordPass Connect is a fantastic, extremely useful feature that adds great practical value to the overall ownership experience,” Mashinini says. “After using FordPass you will wonder how you managed without it, as it forever changes the way customers interact with their vehicles, as well as with Ford dealers and customer support services which are now all at your fingertips, wherever you are.”

Through the FordPass app, which is free to download from the App Store for iOS devices or Google Play Store for Android, customers can command and control various vehicle functions remotely once the app has been paired with their Everest, EcoSport (Trend and Titanium derivatives) or Ranger (on all but the Base models). The pairing process is completely secure, and can only be completed simultaneously via the owner’s smartphone and the vehicle’s SYNC® infotainment screen. Multiple users can be added, making it a useful tool for family members, in particular.

The app communicates via the internet with the FordPass Connect modem that is embedded within the vehicle, regardless of where they are – as long as both the smartphone and the vehicle have internet connectivity, with no associated data costs for the embedded modem for the life of the vehicle. The customer carries the costs of smartphone data for the various command, control and information functions. The system performs seamless over-the-air updates for the FordPass Connect modem software for subsequent feature enhancements too.

The command and control functionality provided by FordPass Connect makes it possible to remotely lock and unlock the doors, or start the engine (automatic derivatives only) immediately or at a scheduled time to activate the climate control system. This allows the cabin to be heated or cooled based on the last-used climate control settings.

To maintain vehicle security, the system automatically locks the car’s doors if the engine is started via the FordPass app. The automatic transmission must be in Park and the bonnet closed, and the car can only be driven when the ignition key or proximity key is used. In the case of attempted theft, the vehicle’s alarm will be activated and the engine will shut down. Should a door be open when attempting to lock the doors or do a remote start, the owner will receive a “door ajar” notification on the app. FordPass Connect also allows the owner to pinpoint the vehicle’s location.

The FordPass app provides handy benefits for Ford owners on 2017 and later model year vehicles once the VIN has been loaded. This includes scheduling maintenance and servicing bookings, keeping track of past and future services, and viewing the vehicle’s warranty information. Even without loading a VIN, Ford owners have in-app access to search for Ford dealers, fuel stations and available parking.

Furthermore, the FordPass app enables direct access to Ford’s 24-hour Roadside Assistance service, which is included as standard on all new Ford models, for three years with no mileage limit. It also provides online access to the owner’s manual and tutorial videos on key features.

Source: Forddealer View