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The All-New EcoSport is a stylish, robust and dynamic small SUV designed to appeal to a new generation of customers. Built on a tough and strong platform, it is smart, affordable and great to drive – ready for work and play. The city can serve up plenty of challenges – potholes, burst water pipes, rough roads, you name it. That’s why the Ford EcoSport sits high off the ground so you can go over, rather than around obstacles. And it’s just the right size and combination of power and efficiency for smooth city driving. 

Ford Options
Kelfords Ford Ecosport Panther Black
Panther Black
Kelfords Ford Ecosport Kinetic Blue
Kinetic Blue
Kelfords Ford Ecosport Bright Yellow
Bright Yellow
Kelfords Ford Ecosport Chill
Kelfords Ford Ecosport Diamond White
Diamond White
Kelfords Ford Ecosport Smoke
Kelfords Ford Ecosport Moondust Silver
Moondust Silver
Kelfords Ford Ecosport Mars Red
Mars Red
Kelfords Ford Ecosport Golden Bronze
Golden Bronze




Space that grows

The EcoSport is compact on the outside, roomy and adaptable on the inside. Fold down the 60:40 rear seats and there’s enough room to fit a 560-litre washing machine. Just think of all the fun things you can take along for the ride.


You speak. SYNC™ listens

There’s voice control and then there’s SYNCTM. It seamlessly connects your Bluetooth® and USB devices so you can make and receive calls, play your favorite songs, or have your text messages read out to you. Just say the words and SYNC™ does the rest.

International Engine of the year

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better combination of fuel economy and power than the turbocharged 1.0 litre EcoBoost. This innovative petrol engine uses up to 20% less fuel than a traditional 1.6 litre petrol engine, yet still delivers the power you’d expect of a 1.6, with full torque at just 1500rpm.

Hill Launch Assist

With technology like Traction Control and Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS), the EcoSport reads and adapts instinctively to your drive. While features like Hill Launch Assist stops the car from rolling downhill after you take your foot off the brake, giving you just enough time to smoothly accelerate away.



Ford Options

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