Posted 23 September 2020

Become a Braai Master this Heritage Day with Ford SA and Jan Braai

Become a Braai Master this Heritage Day with Ford SA and Jan Braai

  • Jan Braai shares his essential braai tips on Heritage Day
  • Ford ‘For South Africa’ Campaign celebrates Heritage Day
  • Ford is the vehicle sponsor for Jan Braai’s TV show Braai vir Erfenis

PRETORIA, SOUTH AFRICA, 23 September 2020 – South Africa’s Heritage Day, often referred to as National Braai Day, is considered the equivalent to global holidays like Thanksgiving Day, St Patrick’s Day, and the likes. To South Africans there is perhaps no better way to celebrate this special day than with friends, family and food.

Open fire cooking goes by many names in South Africa, including shisa nyama, braai and ukosa to name a few. However, its meaning is commonly agreed to evoke a spirit of prosperity and togetherness in the Rainbow Nation. Heritage Day is an opportunity for all South African citizens to enjoy this great culinary tradition, along with the vibrant outdoors in the warming temperatures of spring. 

Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa (FMCSA) recognises the importance of heritage by incorporating it into the ‘Ford For South Africa’ campaign; while in 2019, the locally-assembled Ranger was painted in the colours of the South African flag at FMCSA’s own paint shop at the Silverton Assembly Plant in Pretoria. This unique Ranger, named ‘Stimela’, is still part of Ford’s collection as well as our 96-year local manufacturing heritage.

As the vehicle sponsor for Jan Braai’s renowned Kyknet television show ‘Jan Braai vir Erfenis’, Ford shares a number of Jan’s essential braai tips and anecdotes that are guaranteed to result in tender, mouth-watering food this Heritage Day.

Nothing beats a real wood fire

Let’s start with the wood. Choose the wood carefully and preferably do not braai with indigenous wood. Alien vegetation, like Rooikrantz and Blackwattle, drink lots of ground water and are good choices. Gas is the Afrikaans word for Guest – gas is not something you braai with!

Keep it simple

Some rubs and basting sauces contain excessive sugars which can cause the outside of the meat to burn quickly. Only when the meat is nearly cooked should one baste it. This way the meat can braai crispy without being burnt.

Firelighters are acceptable

The fire is the most intrinsic aspect of any braai and the two guaranteed ways to build a roaring fire are to have enough dry wood and to use firelighters to light it. The wood must be dry and good firelighters help it to burn.

Use the correct tools

Gloves and braai tongs will give you better control over the fire, potjie and grid. The more control you have, the better you will look and perform and the better the food will taste.

Marinade can burn the meat

Be careful not to submerge your meat in marinade. Rather baste the meat just before you remove it from the fire. This will prevent the food from being burned on the outside and raw inside. Alternatively boil the sauce and dress the food with it when you serve.

Trust your instincts

If you think the meat is ready, then it most probably is ready. Very few people remove meat off the fire too soon. By overcooking you lose tenderness, juiciness and flavour. A meat thermometer can help with this.

Perfect potjies

When making a potjie, all the rules of the kitchen still apply. This is your ancient, classy and very tasty pot. All other ratios and principles of food apply so don’t panic and lose focus.

Go big

If you have any doubt whether your fire is big enough, chances are that it is too small. Always make sure your fire is big enough.

Don’t forget braai broodjies and burgers

These are two of the most fun foods at any braai. A braai broodjie is like a toasted sandwich with butter on the outside. They can be filled with your favourite toppings – anything that works on a pizza or pasta will work on a braai broodjie. Burgers are easy to braai and even easier to eat.

“Jan embraces our heritage and culture and his positive attitude spreads hope wherever he travels. His passion for promoting a healthy lifestyle and connecting people echoes the ‘Ford For South Africa’ beliefs and initiatives, which are created to help lead the country towards a brighter future. Ford’s range of SUVs and bakkies have assisted Jan and thousands of other South Africans to deliver food, braai equipment and people across our vibrant and diverse landscapes,” says Doreen Mashinini, General Manager Marketing, Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa.

This Heritage Day, Ford and Jan Braai wish everyone a wonderful and relaxing National Braai Day and encourage all South Africans to remain vigilant about social distancing and to adhere to the rules for large gatherings. Together we wave the South African flag with braai tongs in hand.

“We live in the greatest country in the world and uniting around a braai fire is the cement that bring us all together. Let’s share stories and knowledge around the fire”, concludes Jan.

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