Posted 17 June 2015

A musician walks into Kelfords

A musician walks into Kelfords…

Gerald Clark is a musician in the complete sense of the word and is one of Kelfords newest brand ambassadors. He creates and composes all his own work which he has performed across the country as well as internationally.

He draws a lot of his inspiration from his zest for the outdoors and the beauty it provides him.  This satisfies all the levels of his complex creative soul. He loves the mountains, oceans, rivers, forests, dunes, straights…and he loves to climb, surf, ride, run, and swim and be surrounded by nature.

Gerald loves the stage and he has been privileged to be afforded the opportunity to perform on most of the biggest stages and at the most prestigious festivals and events throughout SA. He has also successfully toured in the USA, Isle of man and Czech republic.

Gerald feels that the most successful part of his career lies in the fact that he plays in a variety of shows and plays in a lot of them. The best part of his job is to travel and bring music to a variety of people. He loves that he gets to promote his work as well as his lifestyle.