Year: 2020


Gareth Woolridge a Rising Star in Cross Country Racing Gareth Woolridge started his racing career at the age of 16, and has been a leading contender in the South African Cross Country Series (SACCS) in the Ford Ranger since 2015 Woolridge and co-driver Boyd Dreyer finished third overall in the 2017 and 2018 Class T championships, with international racing debut...

Posted 3 Dec 2020


Women Empowerment Takes Centre Stage with Ford’s 4 300km RangeHer Drives with a Mission Forty female journalists and influencers participated in RangeHer Drives with a Mission, with four rotations over a period of two weeks travelling off the beaten route from Gauteng to Port Elizabeth and Cape Town – and back again The event showcased the exceptional capabilities and performance...

Posted 1 Dec 2020


Black Friday is Here but White and Silver are the Most Popular Car Colours in South Africa Henry Ford realised that black paint dried the fastest, thereby helping increase mass-production of the Model T In hot climates, like Africa, lighter colours are more popular Paint Defect Detection System utilised at Ford’s Silverton Assembly Plant results in significant gains in final...

Posted 27 Nov 2020