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Looking to add that extra something to your vehicle?
Why not customize with Ford accessories.


What parts are you looking for?

Our parts division now stocks a full range of panel Ford products.
If we haven’t got it, we will find and deliver it.
We handle shipping, air-freight and door to door delivery


What tyres are you looking for?

Our tyre division now stocks a full range of tyres If we haven’t got it, we will find and deliver it. We handle shipping, air-freight and door to door delivery


Get your Autotrak vehicle tracking system

Autotrak currently supplies the Autotrak product range to all areas of the automotive industry including long and short distance trucking, construction and material handling equipment, forestry, mining, agriculture, passenger transport, passenger car and light delivery vehicles.

Kelfords Ford has made it easy for you to obtain additional services directly from our dealership.

Choose from the following products on offer:

  • TTS Protection plans
  • Extended warranty and service plans
  • Dent repair policies
  • Tyre warranties
  • Paint protectors
  • Smash and Grab
  • Spare wheel locks
  • Towbars, Nudgebars, Rollbars

For quotes and any additional enquiries for the above offers e-mail johann@kelfords.co.za.

Or simply just complete the form and we will contact you.

TTS Protection Plan
If you were to die, or be disabled, or get a life threatening disease, or be retrenched, this policy will help you meet your outstanding financial obligations.

The policy pays a maximum amount of R 750,000 (Seven Hundred & Fifty Thousand Rand), and there is no health risk premium loading for smokers and usually no medical is required , but pre-existing conditions are excluded.

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TTS Top Up
If your vehicle is financed, and especially if you have a residual on the vehicle, you cannot afford to be without a TTS Top–up Insurance Policy.

In the event of total loss (write-off or theft ) there is a very good chance that your comprehensive insurance will not cover your outstanding debt. The moment you drive your car off the showroom floor it loses value – as much as 30% in the first three months – while the amount you owe the finance company reduces at a much slower rate.

TTS Top–Up gives you peace of mind because if the settlement by the underlying insurer is less than the settlement balance in terms of the relevant credit agreement, TTS Top–up ensures that the shortfall is paid, up to a maximum benefit of R 750,000

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TTS Dent Repair Solution (DRS)
Dent repair - provides for the removal of minor dents, scratches and windscreen chips & cracks, keeping your vehicle in showroom condition.

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TTS Mechanical Warranty
Your absolute peace of mind that when your vehicle breaks down with mechanical or electrical failure you have extra special protection against the unexpected high repair bill.

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TTS Return to Invoice
The total loss of your motor car does not need to be an untimely financial disaster. RTI will help to refund the difference between the original invoice value of your vehicle and what your insurance company pays out (usually retail or market value).

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TTS ULTRA CARE WARRANTIES (20,000 / 30,000 / 40,000)
The TTS Ultra Care Warranties offer special protection to your newly acquired car against unforeseen mechanical & electrical breakdowns for a period of one or two years with no limit on distances travelled.

The policies cover all LCV’s, 4x4’s & passenger vehicles with a gross vehicle mass of less than 3,500kg’s, but exclude taxis, hire, competition & rebuilt vehicles (Code 3).


TTS Tyre Warranty
TTS Tyre Warranty is an affordable once off insurance payment, that provides insurance cover on your tyres for up to three years or 60,000 kilometres, whichever comes first. 

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